ICE / Amibroker integration

I have used eSignal data with Amibroker for some time now. I believe ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) have acquired eSignal.

An eSignal RT data plug-in is required for Amibroker integration which has always worked well. Are there any plans to develop a plug-in for ICE data as the eSignal plug-in is no longer supported.

I have done a search of this forum and can't find a definitive answer.



Hi I also a long term eSignal user but they recently advised they no longer providing services to australian retail clients. Even though my yearly subscription runs to June they have blocked acces to the account portal so I cant add or remove data services and also refused to refund outstanding portion of my subscription. Very poor customer service I would not recommend any one use Ice data services. Use DTN IQFEED instead.

eSignal plugin just works, even though some eSignal support staff might say it is not supported but it just works. See AmiBroker 6.38.0 RC released - #25 by Tomasz

I agree that the current eSignal plugin still works, but my concern is that ICE will one day remove this function with little notice, with the intent of persuading eSignal users to switch to their data services.
I have devised an automated method of importing ICE data into Amibroker but it is quite time-consuming, hence the query about developing a new ICE plugin for Amibroker.


Developing and maintaining a new plugin to closed, proprietary API is costly. They don't even have publicly available documentation on ICE API. So it is even impossible to quickly see what technology / API language they use and how much effort would be needed.

Thank you for the explanation Tomasz.
I will continue with the eSignal plug-in for Amibroker in its current state and maintain the ICE integration method I have developed as a backup just in case the eSignal plug-in stops working at some point in the future.