Identify market when importing symbols using wizard

I am using the import wizard to add symbol as I downloaded the list from However I don’t see a option to identify the MarketID. If there is a way, please let me know.

-Ignore: found the step. I had to use google before I found the right way to do it.

I am having the same problem with EODdata- did you find a list of Market IDs? Can you shoot me the link! My goofu is not as good as yours. Tx

its right there on thier site.
what you need is to create your own custom format. and then ensure that its assigned to right market id. load the ticker list first before you add the data. the market id is going to be based on what you assign in amibroker in categories

for eg. i have a custom parser that gets sectors/industries. i just added my symbols first in this format.

$FORMAT Ticker, FullName,Market,IndustryName,SectorName

Thank you, I saw that. I figured out how to add $MARKET 1 to the format file. I got the files all imported. I am having a slightly different problem now. Perhaps you have run into something similar with EODData. Some markets have the same symbols- for example I added NYSE from EODData then I added the Canadian TSX with a different $MARKET number. Unfortunately Amibroker is appending OHLC from TSX onto NYSE stocks with the same symbol. I have not been able to figure out this one yet! Thanks

@marcd, every symbol in the database must be unique.

If you use the ASCII import, you should look at the $APPENDNAME to add to each ticker a suffix.

Probably the easiest and cleanest thing to do is to rebuild the database from scratch reimporting all the data, creating unique tickers.

In general, USA tickers are added without any suffix, while other markets have it; for instance, in Yahoo Finance Canadian stocks are listed with a .TO (for Toronto securities) and .V (for TSX Venture). Or you can use the currency symbol, like -CAD as a suffix to distinguish tickers.

Technically it is also possible also to keep your existing database renaming all the current Canadian tickers accordingly to the suffix that you'll use to import data.

But, since, as far as I understand it, your database may already have some "mismatched" data I will not use it (after doing the procedure all the "ambiguous" symbols will be missing from one of the markets).

Anyway, if you want to look at it, this KB article shows you how to do it.
If you decide to try it you will need to add an extra conditional statement to process only the tickers that belong to a specific market (MarketID is one of the properties of the Stock Stock class that in the Amibroker Object Model represents a single symbol data.futures, forex, etc.

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Thank you so much. Does anyone have an example of $APPENDTICKER or $APPENDNAME- for the life of me I can't get it to work with the ASCII import?

I put $APPENDTICKER .TO in the format file- with and without quotes different ways. Tried CAD -CAD No luck.
I of course tried $APPENDNAME as well.

@marcd I answered in this other thread