Identify open template

I open a template, use it but then head out to sea and return weeks later and ask my self which template is currently open. Is there a simple way to identify the current open template? I've searched the forum et al but can't find a solution.

If you keep forgetting, you can use meaningful names for Chart Sheets (bottom tabs) that would remind you the template name.

Thank you for your prompt response. Now I have a basic question that's bugged me for a while: When I
have an open chart with say 10 tabs each filled with different indicators and different panes and I Save Template am I only saving the current viewed chart tab as a template or am I saving all the tabs contents as the template?

Thank you in anticipation of your advice.

See Working with Templates & Layouts.


Thanks, I get that plus your reference refers to "The complete set of chart sheets is called a "template""

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