Identiying Tickers with no data

From time to time I come across some tickers with no data in my database. That means that the Barcount is null. Since AB doesn't let me to filter for:

Filter = Barount == isNull();

Any suggesstion how to indentify tickers with no data?

You can't do that from Exploration because Analysis in general does NOT run on empty symbols (since it simply makes no sense and AmiBroker for purpose SKIPS such symbols).

There is a dedicated tool to detect database problems including symbols with no data.
Use: Tools->Database PURIFY

(On a side note: the code you posted is syntactically incorrect. IsNull() is a function that must be given an argument - you've got empty argument list. Secondly BarCount is an integer that is never null. Even AmiBroker allowed running formulas with no data, the code would be incorrect because BarCount in such case would be ZERO, not null).

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