IIf function versus if statement

As mentioned by @fxshrat in ValueWhen - how to use a typical mistake users make is that they mix up if statement with IIf() function.

IIf() (which stands for "immediate if") is a function, which means it takes arguments and returns the result

result = IIf( condition, YesValue, NoValue );

It works with both numbers (scalars) and arrays. When any of arguments is an array it returns array. It goes bar by bar, checks condition again bar by bar and returns either corresponding array value from YesValue or NoValue arrays depending if condition at given bar is true or not.

Note that IIf() function does NOT change the flow of the program. It evaluates ALL arguments, both yesValue and noValue.

On the other hand if / if-else is a flow-control statement. It is used to change the flow of the program. It decides whenever take this or that path in the program. It decides once and requires scalar value (either true (non-zero) or false (zero)) to decide.

You can not use if / if-else on arrays directly because arrays have many values - different value in each array element.

The only way to use if / if-else statements on arrays is to pick up array element you want to use for flow control, for example:

if( array[ BarCount - 1 ] > 0 )
  // do something else when last element of array 
  // is greater than zero

An interesting example is showing what IIf() function does by re-implementing it using if-else statement.
In the code below we are using for loop to go thru all bars and if-else statement checks individual array elements one by one to decide which path to take.

function ImmediateIf( conditionArray, yesValueArray, noValueArray )
     for( bar = 0; bar < BarCount; bar++ )
          if( conditionArray[ bar ] ) 
              result[ bar ] = yesValueArray[ bar ];
              result[ bar ] = noValueArray[ bar ];
     return result;
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BarColor  = IIf(nextBarHigher,colorGreen,IIf(nextBarLower,colorRed,colorBlue));


BarColor  = IIf(nextBarHigher,colorGreen,colorRed)

Need some clarification on the differences.

When would colorBlue appear ?
What difference should I be expecting ?

I was reading and trying to understand this.



IIF is for arrays, if is not. In other words, IIF evaluates the condition for every bar, where as if evaluates a single result condition.

You can read this page for example, specifically the IIF and if statement parts : https://www.amibroker.com/guide/a_mistakes.html

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Right i got it now, i got confused, by iff and if



IF - Programming Flow Control statement.

IIF - ImmediateIF = Conditional return

Your first line would work. If the next bar is higher, you get Green.
If next bar lower you get Red. If Neither is true you get Blue.

Your second line will not run.

Think of IF as a Traffic Sign. If (True) turn right (use code), ELSE
turn Left (use different code).

Hope this helps.



Hi Folks,

I must be doing something wrong but this is triggering the shell execute on every bar

IIf(Buy == True, ShellExecute("C:\\Users\\Name\\.spyder2-py3\\temp.py", "", "" ),0);

Can you please advise?


See already existing topic

Your code is incorrect. For conditional execution / flow control you have to use if-else statement.

Correct code for conditional execution based on last buy signal:

if( LastValue( Buy ) ) 
   ShellExecute("C:\Users\Name\.spyder2-py3\temp.py", "", "" );

Read this thread from the beginning for more information.


Thank you Tomasz,

I noticed that in the Buy condition if I add the following condition

barcomplete = BarIndex() < LastValue(BarIndex());

the shellexecute stops working. Can you please help understand ?

Thanks again.

I wrote already: “Read this thread from the beginning” - ALL explanations are already provided in the very first post in this topic. Key to understanding is the TYPE of variable - whenever it is scalar or array.

Thanks Tomasz,

I thought barcomplete would return True or False which the IF statement can evaluate. Even when I give the barcomplete a LastValue treatment it doesn't seem to work. Sorry I am just having a hard time understanding arrays and how the IF works.

if( LastValue( Buy )  and LastValue( barcomplete )) 
   ShellExecute("C:\Users\Name\.spyder2-py3\temp.py", "", "" );

Moderator comment: the above code makes no sense. LastValue( barcomplete) is always false because the last bar by definition is not complete. You should just use
if( LastValue( Buy ) ) { ... }


you can add your variables to the watch window in debugging mode.
I think that will help you to see which variables are arrays or numbers and the results of your expressions.

barcomplete=BarIndex() < LastValue(BarIndex());