Import a folder with some format divergences


I tried using the import wizard, but the structure that I do have is slightly different from the usual in some aspects:

  1. I have a folder full of csv, their names are the ticker names itself, wizard doesn't allow me to use the filename as ticker, how do you manage that?
  2. My date is divided by "-" (midlines), thats not possible to change the column layout to Y-M-D, how do you manage that as well?

I intend to keep different markets symbols list, how do I create different symbols list for different data sources? Is that possible? Can you please send me any link that refers to that?

Thanks for the help!

Really you need to read documentation. Everything is there.

  1. Not true. The ASCII importer will use file name as the symbol automatically in the absence of $NAME definition. See docs: Import from ASCII file
Command $NAME Define ticker name
Arguments ticker name (symbol) (default = file name without path and extension)
  1. I don't know what you mean. Send the SAMPLE instead of description.

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