Import alternative data (sentiment) csv. into Amibroker

Import alternative sentiment data into a Ticker.

I have a csv database of social media interaction data and other volumes that I want to incorporate into a ticker as data to work with in Amibroker.

The structure is: column 1 date, column 2 numeric data, column 3 numeric data, etc.

How do you recommend me to work with these data to be able to see them in the chart in panels and to be able to work with them with formulas?

I also have the same doubt for other alternative data that I have in csv. in time series and I don't know how to work in Amibroker.

Hi @dogville86 - there are different ways to approach this depending on exactly what you are doing with the data but I'd likely import the file using Ami's File Input/Output functions that can be found here and place the contents (or what is needed) into a static variable.

The static variable can then be accessed by any of the charts/formulas as you wish.

i am headed towards using AB to generate feature data for submission to python to train and use ml models.

i believe part of that process involves figuring out how to use AddToComposite() to generate database tickers. What u r asking seems like the same thing.

i believe i am 3 weeks away from making this happen. If u r wiling to wait i will try to do something we can both easily use and share it with u.

Please contact me off list if interested.


Why not just treat it as price data ? Use the OHLCV fields for your data ?