Import ASCII in batch processing


I wish to import csv files to my database using Batch Scheduler. As seen in the screenshot, the daily files carry a date in the name e.g. BSE 10-10-17.csv and BSE 11-10-17.csv. Now the query, how do I schedule it for each day? Like in Windows, can . be mentioned as a parameter like BSE*.* or BSE*.csv. So basically with this we can import BSE file daily to a given database.
In next step once can shift to the next database & say import FUT*.csv in this database

Add-On How do we define the Format File here?

Pretty much everything is in the Knowledge Base, just use Google, it isn’t that hard:

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Dear Tomasz,

It’s not just related to Format file, but how to define it in Batch processor. How can it be put in parameter in “Batch processor”

It is explained precisely in the docs, re-read

Format file is picked by file extension, so if you tell batch processor to import fut12313.csv it will automatically use csv.format definition file.

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