Import ascii skips market column

I defined a format file as below
Ticker, FullName,Market,WEBID,IndustryName,SectorName

I am importing the file with the following data.
A,Agilent Technologies, Inc.,5,NYSE:A,Medical Equipment,Health Care
AA,Alcoa Corp.,5,NYSE:AA,Aluminum,Materials
AAA,AAF First Priority CLO Bond ETF,8,AMEX:AAA,,

However Amibroker skips the market column and so webid get the marketid and Industry gets the webid.

I am sure, i did everything right. what am i missing here?

You have comma in the company name Agilent Technologies, Inc., it is treated as an additional separator.

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i found there were comma in the stock name and so switched the delimiter to |
$FORMAT Ticker,FullName,Market,Webid,IndustryName,SectorName

Hi Suresh,
Notice that you import Market by MarketID. You should do likewise for Industry i.e. IndustryID. The Industry Name is already defined in Symbol > Categories > Industry tab. Each industry is already linked to a Sector. So there is no need to import SectorID. You can establish this link by highlighting each industry and assign it to a Sector at top right hand corner at the Sector dropdown menu. So, there is no need to import Sector name as already predefined. You just need to change Industry Name to IndustryID for your import. I can't comment on the webid as I never use it.

the industry names are not standardized between toronto and US stock markets and so i keep the names instead of ID. in addition, the TSE sector is not broadbased like US.