Import Indicator from CSV file and plot it

I have stored Some indicator value in csv file . I want to import that indicator value and plot it below the chart with Price
can anybody advise me how i can import and plot it

thanx in advance

Can you tell us if your csv file contains date stamps?
What is your first column bar index?

@Rakesh_Lala did you search the forum? Similar topic has been discussed in details just a few days ago. You can find possible solutions in this thread:

... and another one:

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The first post recommended by Milosz has it all for you. But I wonder when you say:

I think you can construct a indicator using AFL and then plot wherever you want to. What is the need of storing the values in a CSV then import that to AB?

If you are referring to some data points that cannot be mathematically calculated or produced by external sources which are stored as CSV or any other format. Then using string manipulations and File Input/Output streams, you can incorporate those values into your charts with the help of a standalone AFL code. Or alternately you could also use a scripting language like AHK in order to avoid any string manipulations. Its just that the CSV or XML parsing is extremely simplified in AHK compared to other languages.

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Yes it is with date stamp and symbol name

Yes it is with date stamp and symbol name

What is AHK ? I dont Know can u pls help me with it pls