Import IOD data with date cum time format to AmiBroker

i want to import data into Ami through import wizard my data like below it has no time column separately both date and time in one column is there anyway to import this data.

|Symbol |Date |Open |High|Low |Colse
| | | | | |
|ADANIENT-I|21/11/2018 09:10|161.15|161.2|159.9|160.4
|ADANIENT-I|21/11/2018 09:20|159.9|161.25|159.4|160.6
|ADANIENT-I|21/11/2018 09:30|160.45|160.9|159.6|159.6
|ADANIENT-I|21/11/2018 09:40|159.6|159.85|159.3|159.8

Use the Forum search function. These questions have already been asked before.

Anyway, select space as separator, then use two columns DMY and after that TIME.


Thanks for quick reply