Import wizard: extra aux columns

Dear All,

I would like to ask your help in the import wizard where I need more columns then the standard 12. I would like to import data from csv file which contaions OHLC data and several columns which contains statistical, arithmetical data about the datapoints.

Now, I found links which states how can I add extra columns by the Additional Commands field, however there are only predefined categories OHLC, fundamentals etc. - if I understand correctly

I use more columns then 10, but I can only load two with the AUX category names:


AUX3, AUX4 and so on doesn't working.

Can you please help me with such a problem?

Thank you in advance!

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The number of columns are limited to those defined in the Import wizard.
AUX3, AUX4 and so on don't exist.

From the Horse's mouth:

If you really need more Columns, for reasons best known to you, then you can define synthetic Tickers or Symbols, and use the extra set of Fresh Columns and keep extending that.
These are Static Variables and Composites as other options.


Hi travick,

Many thanks for your feedback!

Sorry, but I am still not sure about the practical solution. Can you please elaborate that?

If I create a synthetic ticker for instance for NFLX I would create an NFLX_extra, where I would upload my CSV data. Where I would have a DATE and in the other columns are results of calculation for each DATE. These calculations are already done in python as results of matrix procedures, which I was unable to create in the AFL code. That is the reason I need to import them from a CSV. Sorry for not highlightin that earlier.

But still how can I add my value columns which are not listed in the $FORMAT list. If I understand correctly I would have to use some AUX columns again in:


Maybe there is no solution for this?

Thank you very much for any help in advance.

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One "bar" in AmiBroker database has following fixed data fields:
Date/Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, OpenInterest, Aux1 and Aux2

If you have more than that, you can create artificial tickers and use OHLCV, Aux1, Aux2 of that artificial symbol(s) for OTHER columns (other purposes). Put your "Aux3" into "open", "Aux4" into "high" and so on. Then you can refer to such data using Foreign function.