Import wizard problem with monthly data


I am running Amibroker 6.2 with the Norgate database.

Used the import wizard to import monthly data into a ticker, using a CSV file with two columns (data in MDY format, and close). The dates are alwas == last trading day of the month.

After import the daily chart view shows the right dates, but in the monthly view the dates flip to the first calendar day of the month. Opening the quote editor also reveals the correct dates.

This would not pose a problem but seems to be related to the fact that in a monthly backtest the same wrong dates (first calendar day of the month) show up and completely mess up the trade sequence.

I looked everywhere and could not find a solution.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hi Robert,

Try this:

In AmiBroker go Tools > Preferences > Intraday
check "Override: Weekly/monthly bars use day of last trade."


Hi Richard,

Actually it was checked, but then I played with the settings (never imagined that the Intraday tab would have anything to do with monthly bars, but so be it ...) and in the end what worked was unchecking "Override: Weekly/monthly ..." and checking "END time of interval" instead of the recommended default "START time of interval".

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!~