Import wizard problem with time data without seconds


when i import data with this time format: : "hh:mm" amibroker can't recognize time data and treat data like daily.
I just can import data with time as hh:mm:ss format.

show us few lines of the file that you are importing and import settings


Column 1 is for ticker symbol.

No, column 1 can be any (proper) content (and his file does not have symbol column on top of that).

@noerocla1, you have to change your file name from IBM_adjusted to IBM (and re-import) since your chart clearly shows IBM as selected symbol name. Then your data will be imported to IBM. Right now your data is imported to symbol IBM_adjusted. Take a look at your AB's Symbols window. You should have IBM_adjusted symbol name there.

If you want to output IBM_adjusted data on selected IBM symbol then you may keep IBM_adjusted file name and may use Foreign functions (Foreign(), SetForeign()/RestorePriceArrays()) to call its data from different symbol. Otherwise if you want to display data of just IBM_adjusted alone then simply select symbol IBM_adjusted.

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In addition to @fxshrat advice, you can also add


at the top of the data file if you want to specify symbol independently from file name.

In the absence of symbol column and absence of $NAME ASCII importer will use file name (hence IBM_adjusted is produced).
This is of course documented in the users' guide:

Value Description
Command $NAME Define ticker name
Arguments ticker ticker name (symbol) (default = file name without path and extension)

Time without seconds is imported perfectly fine. As documented in very detail in the manual accepted formats are:

TIME - time in HH:MM:SS or HH:MM or HHMM or HHMMSS format