Important plea to fellow members

As been witnessed in the last few days some members either still don’t read the “How to use this site” topic at all or don’t read it properly. Here it is once again How to use this site

In addition:

Please, please, please before you actually do post take your time to think carefully about where you post your created topic or where you post questions to existing topics.

If it is about anything related to AmiBroker except for non programming stuff then please use

If it is related to AFL then please use category "AFL programming"

If it is related to this forum in general then please use this category

and so on…

Again please please please before you post take the time to think carefully where to post!
Please don’t hijack threads that got nothing to do with your questions or comments.
Use appropriate existing threads or create your own ones if they don’t exist yet (and again post them in proper category!).

Why is it important?
It is simple: That way this forum will make sense and it will avoid to create a mess like at Yahoo groups. Do you want to have a mess here? No, you don’t. Right?

Also by following that way you keep away additional workload to the AmiBroker team!
Do you want them to take care of developing (as well as responding here and there to proper questions and commenting to interesting topics) or do you want them to fix unnecessary additional and frustrating work here all the time that could have been spent more productively elsewhere? I think the answer to that question is very simple so please help to make it happen the proper way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS: I have added a lot of “please” to this post so please don’t disappoint me. :wink:

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Guys, please NO MORE topics like “important plea”. It is already a banner pinned topic and no amount of further “pleas” is needed.