Importing 11k symbols

When I import my list of 11k symbols. Found at 793.7 KB file on MEGA

I made a comma separated string with all the symbols. However the import wizard in both amibroker and in amiquote only accepts up to the symbol CHIX.

How do i get amibroker to import/add the entire list of symbols without importing 20 times by chopping my single string into 20 smaller strings?

I need to import monthly because new stocks gets added to the exchanges and using the default amibroker built in solution of Update US Symbol list doesn't seem complete ie. "BMR" symbol is missing from the list. Also the same list using amiquote "download ticker list" selecting all american exchanges also didn't seem to include some symbols such as "BMR". So i made my own list now I'm running into add/import issues. If i add into amibroker directly ie 500 symbols it would complaing most of the symbols are duplicates and I would have to click ok on the seemingly infinite popups for confirmation. Anyway around this import problem is apprciated currently i'm going to import piece-wise but would appreciate a faster solution.


11K symbols is no problem and it is perfectly importable in ONE piece.

"I made a comma separated string with all the symbols."

That you did wrong. Don't "make it comma separated string".

You should NOT TOUCH that file. The file is already good. You should just import it directly using Import Wizard in AmiBroker with proper format definition like

$FORMAT Name, FullName, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip

Read the manual

It will import entire file AT ONCE, without doing ANY modifications to the file.

and KB: