Importing dataset from csv

Hi I'm trying to import data from csv using this guide. After I click the finish button, it went back to amibroker without telling me anything if it's success or failed. My csv file contains tick data with 19GB. Does no notification means success?

Based on my experience, there is no notification after ASCII import completed. Can you see the progress bar at the bottom during the import process? Importing 19GB of data will take quite sometime.

No there isn't any progress bar at all. I tried to separate the dataset into respective timeframe, when I import it there's a small progress bar. I think it works perfectly when I separate the dataset

You need to provide sample data format to get any help. Without it nobody can help..
Use import wizard for first time for a file. After that you can use ASCCII import.

There is no notification, but you can go to Symbol > Quote Editor to see if your data was imported. There is also a log file that you can open, located in the AB program directory, named "import.log" which will tell you when it starts an import, and tells you if there are errors.

Here's a sample:

Logging started for 'C:\Program Files\AmiBroker64\AmiQuote\Download\X_ZECUSD.aqpii' file, using format definition file 'Formats\aqpii.format'

Logging started for 'C:\Program Files\AmiBroker64\AmiQuote\Download\FXAIX.aqh' file, using format definition file 'Formats\aqh.format'
Error in line 23-05-2022,null,null,null,null,null,null
Invalid (close) price. Prices must be positive. If you want to import no quotation data please specify $NOQUOTES 1 ('no quotation data' box in Wizard)

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Thanks everyone for the help. I found that there's a problem with my data resulting in importing failure.

@PeterD thanks for the help, it helps me a lot


There is some misinformation in this thread.

  1. There IS a progress bar displayed during import in the STATUS BAR of the application. (Status bar is on by default but some people hide it by themselves, of course you must NOT hide status bar to see it).

  2. The process is SYNCHRONOUS, i.e. blocking call, so you don't need "notification" because when it returns control to application the import is done.

  3. If there are errors, you will see errors in the log (if "Log errors" option is turned ON) and you will get message that errors occurred. (see $DEBUG 1 option)

  4. There is an option to break on first error (see $BREAKONERR 1)

  5. Importing tick data (with duplicate timestamps) require special precautions and options (see $TICKMODE )

All is documented in the manual:

(use F3 - search for "error" in that page to learn everything about errors).

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