Importing fundamental data from IB


Is it possible to import fundamental data from Interactive Brokers?


You can import fundamentals if only you have them in text format

I am using Amibroker 6.39.1
Amiquote 4.07
Database with IB plugin and real-time IB subscription.
Read the Amiquote readme and the link: Using Fundamental data
Wanting to add an Amiquote datasource for Yahoo Basic, because I do not see it in Amiquote drop-down for data sources.
Have searched my whole system for DataSources folder and for .ads xml source files for examples.

I am out of ideas to pursue. Can someone guide me?

One more thing. Using the Amiquote translation table to map the Yahoo symbol ATH.TO to the IB ticker symbol ATH-TSE-STK-CAD does not seem to work as I understand. I added the line:
but Amiquote simply added the ATH.TO symbol to the IB database.

Thanks again for your help.