Importing historical fundamental data

Hi, i'm building a database with fundamental data from Esignal in Excel, so i can import it as csv to Amibroker. It is posible to have historical fundamental data in Amibroker, and not just the last value. I'm asking because i'm not able to get it to work. I've already made the custom import format, something like this:



And i want to now if it can be done, so i am not wasting my time. Thanks.

As written in manual:

number (scalar) representing current value of fundamental data item. There is no history of values

If you want historical fundamentals you need to store them externally in the database and access them via ODBC plugin

Ok, thanks. It seems that i still have a lot to learn about that. I didn't notice the "scalar" term. Thanks.

Scalar has multiple meanings but in computer science it is just variable that can hold one value at a time (contrasted with array that holds multiple values).

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@kaizen, about the use of the ODCB AFL plugin, as suggested by @Tomasz, see also this post, where I answered a similar question, and I elaborated a bit on this subject.

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@kaizen Additionally you might also consider some alternative ways of storing and accessing such data, discussed in these threads:

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And if one wants something fancier there is the option to use OLE automation to access directly Excel files or to write a web server (that probably will use some sort of DB) and then use a Rest API to query it.

But probably the ODBC way is simpler and more reliable!

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Ok, thank you all for the imput. I have a lot to learn.