Importing Sector and Industry from csv File

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I am trying to import no quote data for industry and sector to the database. I searched through on following links:
Import ASCII

The format file is as below:

Format definition file generated automatically

by AmiBroker's ASCII Import Wizard

$GROUP 255

The csv file imported is as follows:

|NSE SYMBOL|Company Name|Industry|Sector Name|Igroup Name|ISubgroup Name|
|ABB|ABB India Limited|Capital Goods|Industrials|Electrical Equipment|Heavy Electrical Equipment|
|AEGISCHEM|AEGIS LOGISTICS LTD.|Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels|Energy|Gas|Trading - Gas|

Note : |---|---|---|---|---|---| actually shows the , seperator

The import seems to be working OK. Now queries that I had:

  1. While Sector Names are being displayed, Where would Industry Name be seen in Symbols menu? I am able to see them to some extent in Filter in exploration.
  2. Quoting from the article->Last two lines tell AmiBroker to wipe existing category structure and sort imported sectors alphabetically. Be sure NOT to specify $CLEANSECTORS command when you do NOT want to wipe existing category structure.
    Need some clarity on the flow structure
  3. Like Watchlists can the 2 be accessed using GetOption with fieldname?

Please re-read Understanding categories
all information is found there, plus all Category* functions in AFL reference
AFL Function Reference

@Tomasz BANG ON !!! Many Thanks, import functionality solves all the issues in one go.

A step forward, I wish to create indices based on each category (Whether watchlist, sector or industry). The database has around 23 exchange defined sectors and 177 exchange defined industries.. In addition there are about 36 user defined watchlists.

Taking example of say sectors, I wish to create 23 indices (equal weighted for constituents of each sector) and add it to say a watchlist. The same maybe utilised further to create a ranking analysis as per the performance. Refer

Index creation have gone through the following topic

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