Importing symbol names, sector adn industry data using tiingo?


I use, which is a great data provider for US stocks. However, I can import only the stocks data, and do not have the database structured into sectors/industries. In addition, do not have the symbols' names.
Does anyone know how to do this? Using, maybe, another source of info?
Also, does anyone here know where to get a current (and maintained) list of S&P 500 symbols?

Personally, I export up to date ticker lists such as SP500 from my ThinkOrSwim platform.

I was looking for something free and independent of having an account to a specific brokerage.

And, an update: I found how to solve both issues:

  1. I discovered that AmiBroker, my version, 6.2, has a command in Tools to "Update US Symbols List and Categories". If you click that, it will populate your database with about 6400 stocks symbols and assigns all symbols to their sectors and industries. This is very cool! My understanding is that maintains and updates this info.

  2. As for downloading a maintained list of S&P 500 symbols, I found a python script which does this by scraping the symbols from the Wiki list of S&P 500 companies. The wiki list is always up to date. The script is at this link:
    It just needs a little adjustement to get the symbols into a .tls file, but it does all the heavy lifting of scrapping and getting you the latest S&P 500 constituents list.

@stefans, as you discovered, for all the AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ symbols you could use the list provides directly by AmiBroker specific menu item. See more info on this thread:

Re the current SP500, let's see if someone has a general purpose up-to-date free available - platform independent - suggestion.

If you don't mind to register for a free account and login to download, Barchart has it as a .csv file to download here:

(I cannot say if it is up-to-date and/or how fast they will change it when there is a change in the index components)

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And if you need to add also ETFs to your database check this thread.