Impressed with TC2000 and plug in

Only plugin used before was IQFeed. When I started a new job, I didn't have time during day to use Amibroker during trading hours and a RT feed was of no benefit. My brokerage and Amibroker with yahoo data was sufficient for my trading needs.

Decided to try TC2000 again as I had used it when first interested in the stock market, plus Amibroker has a plug in for it. I find the software easy to use for my needs. The use of watchlist and scrolling multiple charts quickly and filtering is the 2nd best I've used next to Amibroker.

To use TC2000 plugin you need Amibroker 32 bit and TC2000 v7 (requires gold subscription 29.95 and delayed dow jones indices 1.00).

The plugin works seamlessly once symbols are imported. I used Amibroker "Auto Update Symbol List" to test and get started quickly (Exporting symbols in a .txt from TC2000 and importing into Amibroker would be the best way) which resulted in a few delisted symbols and TC2000 has plenty of indices as well that would have to have the symbols manually imported.

With IQFeed, I always had an issue with EOD data where if I checked a chart mid day, if I didn't check after the close, the next day if I checked mid day the previous bar wouldn't update to its new values(high,low close volume) because of how the RT feed worked. I'd either have to force backfill to correct the bar or make sure if I checked mid-day to just check after close while IQfeed was still sending the data for that bar. That plus the limitations of symbols. IQFeed is a RT provider, not a historical data source.

With the TC2000 plug in, I turned the plug in off to make it a local database, deleted some data points, extended the bars for download, turned the plug in back on and the data holes fixed themselves and the data set extended itself to my new amount of bars. Looks like as long as tc2000 v7 downloads and manages the data correctly I shouldn't have any issues with bars updating or having to re-import for a new split or similar things that happened with IQFeed RT.

My next step is to take TC2000 and manually export symbol names by industry/sector and create a database of symbols,fullname, sector and industries in Amibroker. I did something similar with Yahoo data and my brokerage. Simply did some scans by sector and industry with my broker as well as some liquidity and minum price criteria , exported the symbols names from their screener to a .csv(ex : GoldMiners.csv), imported that .csv as just symbols names with import wizard. Then as I imported each .csv, I quickly moved the new symbols to their corresponding industries I had created and assigned with "Organize Assigmnments", this was quick as each new list imported was simply "Move All' to the corresponding Industry.

The above is a method, I could also compare Amibrokers symbol list and TC2000's list and see what missing from each and manually add/assign symbols as needed.

I'm sure Norgate is a superior product for EOD data but this option is slightly cheaper up front(no need to purchase history), comes with a okay software for charting, gold subscription includes RT bats for U.S stocks. I also have access to TSX Delayed data with some screening capabilities that my brokerage doesn't provide for fundamentals.

As far as data cleanliness a quick "Database Purify" turned up pretty clean for 30 years of data on 6500ish symbols. The issues that turned up we're on penny stocks with under 50k volume trash. A couple dozen invalid relationships and some possible splits that weren't splits by comparing with brokerage and yahoo charts.

Also tried accessing the data from 64 bit version after it was uploaded and works fine as a local database(never really used 32 bit and plugin before so a random test for myself).

If anyone is looking for easy, fast EOD data into Amibroker, I'd recommend this combination.