In AFL coding, how can I get lowest price of all previous candles

Dear Sir,
I am coding for a scanner, which generates buy signal, if these conditions are met,

In a 1-minute chart

  1. A red candle is generated,
  2. Red candle breaks low of all previous candles.
  3. Volume of this red candle is highest volume of any previous candles.

Here in the above conditions, I am unable to find function to detect lowest of previous candles, and volume highest of previous candles.
Really appreciate your support.

The functions that you will likely need are LowestSince() and HighestSince(). I'm guessing that you want lowest price and highest volume since another event occurred (like the start of the trading day), and not all bars since the beginning of the price history.

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One question, two posts. This is duplicate to How to find lowest price and highest volume of previous bars in minute chart.

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