In some cases the ( or the { will not highlight


When I place the cursor next to the "}" at line 2307, I do see the "{" at the same line highlighted. However when I place the cursor next to the ")" or "}" at line 2308, I do not see the "(" or the "{" highlighted at line 2296.

It could be a very minor glitch in the editor, or maybe I am doing something wrong?

These are part of multi-line string literal. Brace matching works inside the code. String literal is not code, it is merely text. You don’t need to have braces matched it texts, example:

printf("1) this is my first point. Do we need to match this brace? No!");


I understand your point, this does apply for the {} pairs. However, the () pair, in lines 2296 and 2308 are outside the quoted string.