Including an Index in Analysis Report

I am slowly gaining some rudimentary abilities to navigate the program and have back tested some formulas. Is it possible to include in the test results a benchmark return such as the S&P 500 over the same timeframe as the analysis to compare results. I understand RAR/MDD is not addressed in a benchmark, but I would like to see how the returns compare to buy and holding the broad index over the identical time period.

Go to the Report tab of the Analysis (Back tester) Settings window and enter your index symbol in the "Portfolio B&H Symbol" field, and make sure the box is ticked for "Include Buy-and-Hold Stats".


For some reason on a few of my back tests with different formulas, the Buy/Hold shows 1 trade and losing 100% of capital. Any reason for this?

@Floridafan Did you get this issue sorted? I am having the same problem with no stats on my B+H index - just losing all my capital and losing brokerage. Its like it is not registering the buy at the start of the period and not selling at the end of the period of testing.