Incorrect bar & data on weekly chart


I have a symbol (EOD data) which starts from 02 Apr 2006.
Which I select a simple price chart from the basic charts formula & use the daily time-frame, I get a correct chart with bars starting from 02 Apr 2006.
However, when I click the weekly view in the toolbar, the chart displays the first bar starting from 27 Mar 2006 when the symbol didn't had any data.
I checked the quote editor also to see if there is any data before 02 Apr 2006 but there is no data to be plotted.
On running an exploration also, the weekly close data starts from 02 Apr 2006.
Any clues on how I can resolve this issue where the first display bar of the weekly chart is incorrect.
Also, the RSI indicator 'on the chart' displays the wrong value possibly because of this additional start bar with wrong data but in exploration the RSI value is different as it has a different start value starting date of 02 Apr 2006.

2.4.06 was a Sunday and I assume a week goes from Monday to Sunday.

@himanshugoyal this article should help you, and as @peter1 mentioned your data begins on a Sunday (and if you only have one bar of data in a specific week then that is your "weekly" data for that week).

@peter1 @portfoliobuilder Thanks for your insights.
I checked, the weekly compression setting currently starts the week at Monday. This could be the reason. My earlier understanding of the compression logic was that the bar should have been painted for 31 Mar 2006 (Fri) instead of 27 Mar 2006 (Mon) as other bars on the charts have Fri dates. So, since 02 Apr 2006 is prior to the week starting 03 Apr, the bar date should have been 31 Mar.
On another note is there a way to apply pad & align to the chart or chart indicators as well? This would resolve the issue that I am currently facing where the exploration indicator results and the chart indicator results differ. E.g. RSI has different values between chart & exploration possibly due to the difference in data bars being considered as I am using pad & align for explorations and back testing.

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