Increase bars shown in chart

I must be overwhelmed as I start using the software, but after spending quite some time researching docs and forum, I can't find solution to simple problem:

My charts display only like a little over 2 days of intraday data.
My settings, as you can see in attached image are set to load over 20k bars, so I should be able to display more.

I also tried force back fill, displaying new symbols... they are all affected.
How can I control number of bars displayed on chart?

hourly performance db

Amibroker 6.30, IQfeed 6 plugin

20000 bars is very few for mixed db that must hold both kinds of data. For mixed Intraday/EOD database, change Number of bars to at least 100000 (100K) and then force backfill. Or create new database with 100K+ bars.

I recreated a new database with 500k bars (by the way, is this per instrument, or shared among all instruments in db?).

Loaded a single instrument, but it still show a little over 2days worth of data.
The chart you see on screenshot is all I can display.
Must be something very obvious but I don't see it sorry.


Close AmiBroker completely and then run it and you should be fine.


Thanks for support.
I did restart but it doesn't help.

Isn't the number of bars controlled in AFL formula plotting the chart?


As I wrote: start fresh. Close AmiBroker, close IQFeed Client, close everything. Then open AmiBroker, create new database with correct settings, add symbols and you will be fine.

And no, AFL does not limit the number of bars.

Check with IQFeed support that they are not limiting your backfills. Sometimes they limit amount of data on trial accounts. They did it for another user: IQfeed daily data only get data back to 2016? and he was unaware that IQFeed did that.

Are you using a trial subscription? I think IQFeed trial users are restricted to 4 calendar days of intraday data.


That was it.... IQFEED trial. As soon as I subscribed, got the whole data.
IQfeed trial was imposed, I wanted to subscribe right away and they put me on the trial, but never explicitly told there was a limit on data.