Incremental data update using Amiquote with no adj-close

Hi All
With the new feature of Amiquote to parse JSON data, I am exploring use of Amiquote to use historical data provided by Zerodha (a discount broker from India). The historical candle data from Zerodha is adjusted for corporate action such as stock splits etc.

As per their API documentation (Historical candle data - Kite Connect 3 / API documentation ), the candle data has the OHLC and volume data. It does not have separate information for close and adjusted-close.

In absence of separate close and adj-close information, I was wondering about the scheme that can be used for incremental updates of database.

For example, suppose I fetched last 1-year data on 1-Sep-2021 (so the database has data from 01-Sep-2020 till 01-Sep-2021)

Then on 02-Sep-2021, I want to do incremental update by fetching only the minimal amount of data so that database has data from 01-Sep-2020 till 02-Sep-2021

I can do data-fetch only for 02-Sep-2021 and it would work for those stocks for which there was no corporate action. For stocks that had corporate action 02-Sep-2021, what should be the scheme?
I was thinking something along the following lines:

  1. On 2-Sep-2021, fetch the data for 2-Sep-2021 as well as 1-Sep-2021 (ie fetch previous day data as well)
  2. For each stock,
    2.1 compare the 1-Sep-2021 data stored in Amibroker database against the value fetched from the Zerodha
    2.2 If there is no difference, import the data as-is for 02-Sep-2021
    2.3 If there is a change, it means the stock has undergone some corporate action. Assume, it is due to stock split and determine the split-ratio. Import the data for 02-Se-2021 using close and adj-close

Am I on the right path? Also, is there simpler way to do such incremental updates?

with regards