Index Data Historical Download

i am looking for data sources on the following indexes:

Bloomberg Barclays Agg
S&P Global REIT
Bloomberg Commodities
Merrill Lynch 3-Mo T-Bill

only looking for historical data. does anyone have a decent resource for those indexes (has to be indexes and NOT ETF/MF).

thanks in advance!!

Some of these are fairly esoteric indices and/or require high-cost institutional-level data subscriptions.

In general, global indices are denominated in USD, so any foreign components have a further factor involved: foreign exchange rates, so the index might not be quite what you anticipate.

Since most global indices are also market-cap (or free-float market cap) weighted, and US securities mostly dominate, the foreign components have a relatively low weighting.

Here's what Norgate Data covers that matches the principle of what you're seeking:

$W2DOW: Dow Jones Global ex-US Index
$SPUSAGGT S&P US Aggregated Bond Total Return Index
$BCOM Bloomberg Commodity Index
$BCOMTR Bloomberg Commodity Total Return Index
$SPBDUBIT S&P US Treasury Bill Total Return Index

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just to be clear - this information is NOT included in Premium Data??

The symbols that I mentioned are covered by Norgate Data.

You need a US stocks subscription at the Gold level or above to access them.