Index Filters (FOREIGN)

I am using a 5 min chart ,but would like to get the open price (current day)of the index for reference ,the below formula doesnt seem to work,please advice
FCO =Foreign( “Nifty-I”, “O” ,True);
FCO = TimeFrameExpand(FCO,(inDaily));

First and foremost: read HOW TO USE THIS SITE and use proper code tags.

As to your question, your code is incorrect, correct code is in existing documentation, see

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I did google with key word “set foreign + indaily + amibroker” ,but the link below does not have the link you sent…0…1.1.64.psy-ab…0.0.0…0.IfHmqGQlDlw

That is because you don’t know how to use Google. The search syntax you used is wrong.
You should have entered the names of functions from your formula and limit the search to site, to narrow search use in your search term.

So you should google for:

foreign timeframeset

here is a demo how to do that:

Using this you would find everything yourself.

The link I gave comes FIRST on the result list.

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