Indian markets in amiquote

hi all
@Tomasz does amiquote provide intraday data for nse (indian markets)
i am using 3 terminals of amibroker so any external data service provider becomes expensive .
thats why was looking for amiquote
or a inhouse data plugin where i can use data from kite connect .
kite connect is charging 2000 monthly but data is available for all exchanges all symbols
but problem is that i am not good at coding or programming so cant develop a plugin myself ,

and i am not being able to find a developer in my region for data plugin.

@Tomasz if u can guide , will be very helpful!!

if u can make something to pull data through amiquote from kite connect api , will be very effective for indian markets .

please look into the matter

there r many data vendors , but they dont provide all symbols

regards and thanks
nitin bagadia

@n_bagadia discussion on the forum is organized in threads for a good reason. Threads are meant to group several posts regarding identical or similar issues. Why? Because it is much easier to use one thread where you can find all the necessary information gathered in one place than searching for the information scattered in dozens of different threads.

You have already started an identical thread a few days ago:

... and you got some replies, so you should continue that thread instead of creating a new, identical one.

By the way, the discussion regarding this topic, actually started here:

... and is continued and updated in all AmiQuote threads.

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I'm not proficient with AB plugins/DLLs as I've never crossed paths with it yet but more importantly you should ask members having experience with WebSockets and how to implement them.

I think that's what you're looking for. Have you seen the sample codes being able to do that or how the logic goes with other data plugins in the ADK?

Not to demean AmiQuote in anyway but I don't think that runs on websockets, its a simpler HTTP GET request methodology so don't bring in AmiQuote for the discussion. Free / delayed / EoD data is very Far and different from RTD.

yes i am talking about web socket
as kite connect api provides web socket data for indian markets .

but like i mentioned i am not a programmer so cant make a dll myself , that is why i asked for tomasz’s help , if he could incorporate kite connect in amiquote too , something like barchart .

will soon go through the adk doc and plugin samples , and god willing , will make one soon . :grinning:

india is a land full of software developers , but somehow no one available to make a data plugin , imagine this , what do non programmers like me go through , in the world full of programmers .

thanks and regards

nitin bagadia