Individual and Portfolio Equity

Amibroker 6.30.5 64 bit

I am confused with the equity curves produced from selecting either the 'Portfolio' or 'Individual' equity options under the 'Analysis' tab.

I ran a back test on a single security. I request both these equity outputs and here is the screen I see:


The green 'Portfolio' curve shows the correct equity for the stock (as it was only a test on a single stock).

However, I have no idea what the red equity is. It reads 'AABA - Equity' (ie, the individual equity), but it is not right, showing $1.355M. Also, this red curve changes when you select another stock - again, I am not sure what it means. The AFL for the 'Individual' Equity (which is the standard code) is as follows:

#include @LastBacktestFormula
Plot( Equity( 0, -2 ), "Equity", -8, styleArea );

if( ParamToggle("Show Buy-and-Hold?", "No|Yes", 1 ) )
 /* now buy and hold simulation */
 SetTradeDelays(0,0,0,0); PositionSize = -100;
 Plot( Equity( 0, -2 ), "Buy&Hold", -9 );

(a) What does the red 'Individual' equity represent and why does it change from stock to stock (without another back test)?

(b) Is it possible to run a back test on a protfolio, market etc and then see the individual equity curves stock-by-stock?

Thx, JonS

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