Individual optimize vs N-symbol (portfolio) optimize

Why can't regular optimization in Amibroker use multiple cores/threads like individual optimization?

Being curious here as an engineer. No urgency to know the answer.

Individual optimization is much faster than regular optimization in Amibroker because the latter uses only 1 thread. Why can't regular optimization use all the cores/threads in the CPU? If possible, it is a nice feature to have to speed up regular optimization.

You're mistaken - it USES multiple cores. All described in very detail just read that:
It is all elaborated in that part of the manual and I won't repeat myself.


1 operation (optimization) * N symbols = N threads

Portfolio (N-symbol) optimization runs with multiple threads. Each symbol is processed with separate thread.

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If I am using 2 symbols only, and my system supports 32 threads, should not portfolio optimization use 16 threads instead of 1 thread?

It was already answered in previous response Individual optimize vs N-symbol (portfolio) optimize - #2 by Tomasz

Please read:

it explains how many cores can be used in different scenarios.

Also this

explains multi-threaded single symbol optimization.