Information on David

anyone had any contact with David Keleher (he is responsible for many Amibroker contributions since 2000) recently? I emailed him today on the most recent address he gave me, but that address seems to have been discontinued. I searched a bit and could it be he passed away August, 2016? Please give me a PM if you have some information, thanks

i can tell you David died already in 2016. He suddenly got cancer and died short thereafter.

i was just looking at the code he gave me, we talked from about 2010 or maybe earlier for couple of years. He loved the ABCD pattern. He actually traded on the floor in NYC in the 80s but later traded from home. He was still very young when he died. I adjusted it a bit using ATR pivots.

Here is an overlaid ABCD pattern he created on Platinum futs.



hello Ed.
I know how you are feeling… I Know It’s Hard to lose a friend.
My Sympathy