Initial wait... failure


Latest version Amiquote 4.15 64-bits running on Win7 64-bits is failing to fetch historical EOD on Yahoo Finance since midday yesterday.

Amiquote was working well before. I usually download ~200 tickers 3 times a day (around 10AM, around 1PM, EOD) as a routine. Amibroker charts shows bar data until download failure. Even fail-safe Amiquote download parameters are not working. Amibroker and Amiquote are registered. Checking through FAQ and posts on the Community Forum and even in the old knowledge base returned nothing similar. Doing a temporary installation of Amibroker/Amiquote on a different PC with Win11 seems to be working well. Not ready yet to migrate my old setup to the test installation. Deleted cookies and Windows Internet settings. Deleted files in Amiquote Download directory.

Amiquote seems to be stuck into some kind of state. Has anyone experienced this? Any lead is welcome.

Check Initial wait time in the SETTINGS. Maybe you just set it to large value.