Interactive broker error - invalid account code

I am getting error invalid account code. Please let me know how to resolve it

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 12.41.39 AM

You need to set CORRECT account code. Most probably you need code without "A" at the end.

How to change account ? I have three accounts in same login, IBC takes account by itself. Could not find way to select account in IBC

Please read the documentation:

There are functions to SetAccount and SetInfoAccount

BTW: it gets pretty scary when you realize that people do NOT read documentation but want to auto-trade.

Well you just turn it on and head to the beach for the day. It’s what the books say.

Thanks for information.

Yes true I have alot to learn and alot to read, but sometimes you just dont get answer to your questions and get stuck, even when answer is in front of you, thats when I turn to ask question here and I must say this is a very good forum too keep programers motivated and moving. I will try to do more research next time before posting. Thanks agin.

oh, I am not in hurry to go to beach, its just that I am in process of learning and improving and asking is sometimes part of it :smile: