Interactive Brokers Adj Data

There's a way to download adjusted data through IB APIs ?
On IB APIs documentation Adj Data is implemented:

I've found the possiblility to do it through DDE, anyone already tried to import IB data through DDE ?

IB plugin already delivers split adjusted data (type= TRADES) without need to do anything. The docs you pointed out are about dividend adjustment.
And no, it is advised NOT to use DDE if dedicated plugin exists. IB has dedicated plugin.

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I would like to retrieve total return data, so split and dividend adjusted.
It's also possibile through IB Plugin ?
And, sorry for the question but, how can i retrieve adjusted data ? I can't find this option on plugin setup.

Thank you very much.

As I wrote - it delivers split adjusted quotes. There is no option for the other because IB plugin was written BEFORE TWS 967 and what you found is available only in TWS 967+, so obviously it could not support something that wasn't available at the time it was written.

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Of course, that's why i asked if it's possibile to retrieve those data in anothery way, like DDE or some third part solution.