Interesting Problem with IB plugin for near real time data

I was wondering if others have encountered this problem, but it seems that I don't get any data feed from my IB plugin past 11:00 am (market time). Seems to work fine up until that point, but for any chart that is open within Amibroker, even though the plugin specifies green and connected in the bottom right corner, the last bar of data is for 10:59. Why would it be doing this. Any suggestions are of course welcome. I'm relatively new to Amibroker so still learning the ropes here a bit.

Any Filtering on your database settings ?

In the database settings, I have Interactive Brokers Plugin selected, local data storage selected, Number of bars = 3000 based on a time interval of 1 minute. Under filtering, I have "show day and night sessions only" and "filter weekends" selected. Daily time compression uses "Exchange time". My local time is Japan Standard time so I use a time shift of -13 hours and I have Allow Mixed EOD / Intraday selected. What am I doing incorrectly?

I deleted and re-initialized the database and that seems to have solved the problem. Something must have been misaligned when I originally set up the database. Thanks for your insight to help me troubleshoot.

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