Interface Amibroker with italian broker Directa

Is there a possibility, maybe in the near future, to interface Amibroker with the broker Directa based in Turin, Italy?
Thank you

Me too I would be happy if will be done a plugin for directa

Two days I Saw a webinar where directa’s programmers have explainet the API

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Do they have open testing facility that does not involve setting account with them?

Apparently NOT, as they write in the page that you linked to

Directa provides no trial account for the purpose of developing external applications

Without test account they must be dreaming that anyone would develop for this.

they have a test and demo enviroment, you just email them and ask what do you want.
They have api team very professional and available to satisfy the customer or new application connected to them.
They have already connected hundreds of third parts application (Multicharts, Excel, MS.VS, etc...)
You could contact them here:
phone: +39 011 53.01.01
Here all wiky explanation about their API


Are there news about this interface??