InternetOpenURL does not work on Amibroker 5.70 rc1

Hi, I am trying to use InternetOpenURL function and I have a simple code like this:

ih = InternetOpenURL ( "" ); 
	printf( "AAPL Revenue: " ); 
	if( ih ) 
	     InternetClose( ih ); 

But I get this error:
can anyone help me? I am using amibroker 5.70 rc1.

These functions are available starting from AmiBroker 6.20

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Hi @Tomasz Thank you so much for your help.
I changed it to 6.2 and it works perfectly.
another question, How can I know which version is required?
Like SendEmail function?

When you open the specific function in AFL guide, each one has a version number similar to something like this
(AFL 4.20)
Just add 2 to it to know the corresponding minimum AB version required for it to work.

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Thank you so much. I got it now :).