Interpretation from Norgate data

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I am using Norgate data for my Amibroker. Can please anyone help me with how to add the interpretation summary below the chart as separately like we add indicator. Currently, I have to open the Interpretation window to check.

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You aren't going to get very far like this.....not here. This question shows not only that you are probably new to Amibroker but also that you haven't spent enough time trying to learn anything about it on your own. There are some great people here in the forum that will help you to no end but only if they see you have put in some effort yourself. I'd recommend starting here:


Thank you Mark for the links and info. I understand that I have to put in some work but believe me, I have tried to find the solution for myself and tried a few things but it is not displaying the info like the Interpretation window. That is why I come here and ask for expert help. I am using Amibroker for some time now and try to find the solution myself before I ask anything here in this forum.

Try starting here:

Thank you Mark :slight_smile: I am trying it to keep as a separate window, but the problem is when I do my exploration and scroll through the symbol .... charts will change as it is linked but interpretation window will not display info as per chart. So I have to save it as a watchlist for different criteria and then scroll through watchlist and then i can see it is changing as per the chart. Hopefully I explain it correctly.

Ive had the same issue and recently asked the same question. Check out this thread and see @Tomasz answer at the end:

Thank you Mark. This is good to know. Have a great weekend.