Intraday backtesting not showing 1 minute intraday result

I'm currently backtesting using intraday data, however some of my results are showing 5minute intraday results.
I've already set my periodicity to 1 minute. but still I get the same result.
Hope you can help out. Thanks in Advance.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 150447

I just realize that my 1Minute chart and 5minute chart are the same.1Minute

So my is it safe to conclude that some of the data I got from IQ feed doesn't have 1 minute intraday data?

If so woul it be possible or is there a setting in Analysis to just backtest only those stocks with 1 minute only and disregard those doesn't have?

@arcee, did you correctly set your 'Base time Interval:' in the "Database Settings..." dialog?
(You'll open it with the corresponding item under the main menu "File")


I’m currently using a local data source not the live one from iqfeeds.

But the data Im currently using were imported from iqfeeds. And during the time that I was getting data from the live server I did set the basetime interval to 1 minute.

The way I understand it is that not all the data that i got from iqfeeds have 1minute interval. Is that correct?

If so… since my data are a mix of 1min and 5min is it possible to run my backtest to those stocks with 1min data and disregard those that have none?

Thanks @beppe :grinning:

@arcee, if you remember the data that you imported with a 5-minute timestamp, you can create a watchlist with those tickers and "exclude" it from backtests if you want to run them with 1-minute periodicity.

But probably the best solution is to overwrite that "wrong" data (using the Ascii importer $OVERWRITE 1 command) reimporting the tickers using 1-minute resolution.
If that data is only available in 5-minute, delete it from your database (after creating a watchlist as in the last steps of this post) and create a new separate database to be used with a 5-minute base interval.

Maybe there are other ways to do it. Let see if other more experienced users can provide a better alternative.

When I run the backtest there are about 3700 results. A combination of both with up to 1 minute and upto 5 minutes. So im trying to figure out a way to automatically exclude those stocks without 1 minute data. Hope there is a much faster way to do that rather than checking each and every stock…

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