Intraday Coding Help


excuse me for a dumb question but I am a newbie.

I am on a 15 minute Index Chart and I plot my title as

Plot( TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", inDaily, -1 )

My problem is that I want Yesterday's closing value to display no matter where i click on my chart. The probelm I am facing now is that if do a mouse clock in an area where I have yesterday's candles, it calculates from that point and show me value of a day before yesterday'c closing.

please suggest how can i accomplish this or disable mouse click altogether.

thanks a ton for help.

Use Title to accomplish it :

// step1. Close price of Yesterday
YC = TimeFrameGetPrice("C", inDaily, -1 ); 
// step2. Title
Title = StrFormat("%g", SelectedValue(YC) );

For what it is worth, you don't need to use SelectedValue for StrFormat as it takes selected value of array automatically:

Title = StrFormat("%g", YC );