Intraday+ EOD mix data

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I am planing to update my database to Intraday + EOD , I am using weekly indicator on intraday time frame , right now I am getting weekly OHLC data as time compress method, but because of Indian exchange calculate closing price as average of last 30 min ,my intraday compressed weekly data giving wrong closing price.

my query is, I will update my EOD data from exchange data (intraday and EOD on same database) If I use timeframeset function to retrieve weekly data (I have ticked intraday + EOD in database setting) , does Amibroker use timecompress method or it fetch data from EOD fields ?
I am using weekly indicator on intraday time frame using following code

r1 = Param( "Fast avg", 12, 2, 200, 1 );
r2 = Param( "Slow avg", 26, 2, 200, 1 );
r3 = Param( "Signal avg",9, 2, 200, 1 );

ml = MACD(r1, r2);
sl = Signal(r1,r2,r3);
Hist = ml-sl;

MACUP = Hist > Ref(Hist,-1);
MACDN = Hist < Ref(Hist,-1);


ml = TimeFrameExpand(ml,inWeekly,expandFirst);
sl = TimeFrameExpand(sl,inWeekly,expandFirst);
Hist = TimeFrameExpand(hist,inWeekly,expandFirst);

MACUP = TimeFrameExpand(macup,inWeekly,expandFirst);
MACDN = TimeFrameExpand(macdn,inWeekly,expandFirst);

BarColor  = IIf(MACUP,colorGreen,IIf(MACDN,ColorRGB(240,0,0),colorBlue));

//Plot( Hist, "MACD Histogram", ParamColor("Histogram color", colorBlack ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Histogram style", styleHistogram | styleNoLabel, maskHistogram ) );

Plot( Hist, "Standard) ", BarColor  , styleHistogram | styleThick | styleNoLabel ,0,0,0,0,-80);
Plot(0, "0", colorBlueGrey,styleNoLabel,0,0,25 );

LVBI = LastVisibleValue(BarIndex());
PlotTextSetFont(NumToStr(ypos,1.2),"Calibri", 9,  LVBI+1.5, ypos, colorWhite, txtcolor, -5);


I have tried uploading EOD data in intraday database and tried above code, it uses compressed time not EOD data.
Is there any way to read EOD data in mixed intraday+EOD database on intraday timeframe ?
Please help !!

Found same query, sorry for repeat query.