Intraday Local database timing mismatch across symbols in bar replay

I have local database for intraday 1-min snapshot data, my index and option data mismatch when I run bar replay as given in screenshot. Both chart uses default price chart from basic formula under custom.

BANKNIFTY Index shows 9:33:00 timestamp while option show 9:32:00 timestamp when bar replay shows 9:33:00 timestamp.
Please note that the option symbol have 9:33:00 candle present in the data but it will show at 9:34:00 in bar replay.

I am using Amibroker x64 6.40.4. I have not tried with older version but I think it was good in older versions, or this can be any kind of data import issue. Please guide if anyone is knowing the problem and solution.

I found the problem. I checked the original csv file and found that index symbol was imported with Timestamp as 9:15:00 (Start Time of Interval) and the other option had timestamp of 9:15:59 (End Time of Interval). This cause error in timestamp of original database while importing to Amibroker which was reflected in bar replay. It was completely my mistake.