Intraday Mix EOD Data

Hi All,

Does anybody knows how this EOD record work?


I have intraday 1m data with manual import. following is the intraday settings

I dont feed the EOD data. It seems like the Amibroker generate the EOD row automatically. However, the EOD OHCL does not have the correct data. If you can see on the first screenshot, the stock was closed at 8700, but the EOD give different number, 8625.

what is the possible cause for this issue?

Thank you

From WHERE do you get that data? What is YOUR DATA SOURCE?

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Hi Tomasz,

Thank for the response. As I mentioned before, I use manual import.

The Database is using local Database.
Import data using Import ASCII feature.
here is the format:

and here is the example data that I use:

Hope this help. If you need further info, please let me know.


EOD records are those without TIME (date is provided without time component). So check your data files.
The other reason could be that you have run Quotation Editor and by mistake (by clicking random places) you have added EOD record yourself.

Hi Tomasz,

All the data records are containing DATE and TIME part, thats why, as your recommendation somewhere else in this forum, imported separately as DATE_YMD and TIME.

from your response, I can conclude that there is no mechanism which the engine (AMI) generate EOD data automatically. There must be somehow added, either by mistake or else.


No, AmiBroker does not create data in the database on its own. What it can do is to compress existing intraday data to other intervals including EOD on the fly say for charting, but that won't appear in Quotation Editor. Quotation Editor only shows data that are actually present in the database.

Ok, Thanks for the clarification Tomasz

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