Intraday periodicity is only available when YOUR DATABASE is intraday, was: Issue

Dear sir
There is problem with the backtester settings in periodicity the interval for intraday timeframe is not shown only the daily,weekly and yearly options come.The same problem is being faced in bar replay.Ami%20prob%20intraday

Go to File - Database settings and change Base time interval to intra-day one (provided by your data vendor) e.g. 1-minute or 1-second or 1- tick, ...

Then further intraday intervals will show up in bar replay and analysis settings.

In addition... in order to set custom intervals for analysis take a look here (2nd picture)

And before next question... no, you can't set further custom intervals for bar replay other than shown ones depending on set base time interval of data base settings.

Thank Fxshrat
The problem has been solved.

That is not a problem. That is USER error (caused by not reading manual).

Beginners charting guide:

Manual clearly says:

Please note that intraday intervals are disabled if your database is in end-of-day mode. Intraday modes are available only for databases that have "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings set to anything less than end-of-day. If you for example set "Base time interval" in File->Database Settings to 5-minute, all chart periodicities from 5-minutes up will be enabled.

Reading TUTORIAL is required for every user:

Sometimes Tomasz there are less intelligent users are there in the herd thats why they take help from the group.

It has nothing to do with intelligence. Actually the reverse can be seen from time to time when very intelligent people think that they already know everything and they don't read the docs. I have problem with posts claiming in the very first sentence that "there is a problem with the backtester ....". Statement like this is offending to the developer. Somehow people always blame the software. Maybe because they are used to errors in other software, or even operating system. But AmiBroker is in many areas better than Windows and better than any other software hosted on Windows because I rewrote certain parts of operating system to avoid OS bugs. I am spending countless of hours to make sure that software is perfect (including but not limited to fixing Windows bugs, by rewriting parts and NOT using buggy OS implementation - like for example today working on so many bugs in Common controls list views - you don't see that because such work is done under the hood and there is no "flashy button" to be seen) that I find it offending when someone comes up with posts like that caused solely by not reading the manual.

When you come to your doctor - you don't say to him "there is a problem with your work". You rather say to him "the medication does not seem to work for me". That is subtle but important difference.


I am using Amibroker since last 2 years and I only go straight with the data not much inside the settings. It is one of the best software available till date but sometimes we stuck at some point where we just need help. My intention where never to downgrade any thing about this software or developer. I was only looking for small help by the way I am extremely sorry if the post is hurting.