Introductory tutorial


I am introducing AB to a couple of young people and wonder what you think the best introductory tutorial material might be?



@BBands, recently people here and here discussed some video courses that could help to learn AmiBroker.

@Tomasz always suggests to start with the tutorial.

Check also the Third party services, blogs, courses, books, add-ons and books thread s to get some additional ideas.

For people with some programming experience, I summarize the tools I use to learn AmiBroker in this past post.


Howard Bandy's Introduction to AmiBroker is a good one.

But it is basically a repetition of official Users' guide (even word for word).
PDF version of official Users' guide can be found at AmiBroker download section:

The best ones are the official ones because they are correct ones.

  1. Official Users' guide
  2. Official Online version (also viewable from within AmiBroker - Help - Help contents)
    2.1. Tutorials
    2.2. Videos
  3. Official AmiBroker Knowledge Base
  4. Forum profile of AmiBroker owner and chief developer
  5. AmiBroker Users’ Knowledge Base (may have errors/mistakes because of being articles by users)

Unfortunately, the official videos section, at present, is almost useless since the screencasts posted were done in Flash that is no longer officially supported by standard browsers (although there is a 3rd party tool that may work - sometimes - for adventurous users).

In any case, those videos, when compared to the current level of many official application-related tutorials, certainly did not do justice to the quality of the AmiBroker software.

I guess @Tomasz does not have time to make new ones, but it would not be bad if some user passionate about video productions would try to create and make them available for free (perhaps in a new dedicated section of this forum).


Some of the videos have been converted to MP4. The links you posted point out to old videos. For new ones, you need to use links from support page


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