IQFeed Intraday data download

Hi @Tomasz
Just read your response to @Steve regarding [Good source of historical intraday data]
I did try that with explore using this formula to filter all stocks from NASDAQ

AddColumn(OI,"Open Interest",1.0); 
Plot( Close, "Close", colorDefault, styleCandle );

Is this the ideal way to do that? or is there any other effecient way to do this?
What i've observe using this approach is that after exploring using my custom filter it doesn't show all the stocks. TIA

If you are running Analysis first time since opening AmiBroker, you should use "Wait for backfill".

It does take time. Of course that's understandable knowing the volume of data that it needs to backfill.

I think I need additional filters to remove stocks that I don't need.

Thanks for the help @Tomasz.

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