IQfeed symbol II6D.Z not working

I am unable to get data for IQfeed symbol II6D.Z. This is the symbol for the S&P500 declining issues. The symbol for advancing issues, II6A.Z, and unchanged issues, II6U.Z, both work.

I contacted IQfeed and they said they can access II6D.Z data just fine and referred me to the application being used to pull the data.

Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.

Thank you,

As I wrote many times: AmiBroker works THE SAME regardless of symbol, if it works for one symbol, it works exactly the same for another. But it obviously can't create data out of thin air. Data source must deliver the data. If you got no data, data source did not deliver.

Any DATA problems should be solved by DATA vendor.

You need to escalate the problem with IQFeed because first line of IQFeed support knows absolutely nothing. Don't accept their mantra of blaming everyone else. THEY are data vendor, responsible for data.

Here is as screenshot showing II6D.Z data showing AmiBroker working 100% perfectly.


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